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Interview with Mohammed Hamdan - Director of Trade Promotion, UAE Ministry of Economy and Hon. Ambassador of Foreign Investment Promotion – Korea


Welcome to the 1st Episode of #UntoldVoice (Knowledge Integration Network)🔥 my #1 goal is to start the tête-à-tête (conversation) and will be interviewing several people across the globe 🌍: the engineer, the author, the factory worker, the politician, the teacher, the entrepreneur, etc. – whether ordinary individuals who have lived through history or the protagonists who helped shaping it.


I am extremely excited to see what the future holds and share my views by collaborating with great minds across the generations, empower passionate individuals to position their voice, to share stories, and save memories.


I would like to thank Mohammed N. A. Hamdan - Director of Trade Promotion Department, UAE Ministry of Economy & Hon. Ambassador of Foreign Investment Promotion – Korea, for sharing his view on various questions such as:

✅Role of young generation startup – for economic prosperity

✅How Artificial Intelligence in Aerospace sector – will transform global economy

✅Career advice for future students & entrepreneurs – over the next few years


I think the strategy, the commitment and the cadence are more important than the calendar for every individual. You can’t sell anything if you can’t tell 🎤 anything. Do you agree/disagree❓

Amity University Dubai - Promotional Video

Sahith Reddy Madara (Aerospace Engineering Alumnus)

Meet Amity Dubai Alum Sahith Reddy Madara. Sahith graduated in 2018 with a Bachelors in Aerospace Engineering. He is currently associated with the Sharjah Academy for Astronomy, Space Sciences and Technology (SAASST)/University of Sharjah as a Research Engineer and he was also appointed UAE’s National Point of Contact for the Space Generation Advisory Council (A United Nations Programme on Space Applications). “I took a short sabbatical in order to mentor others, help them shine and follow their passion, this helped me find mine. In order to succeed you have to make the effort to go the extra mile in order to overcome barriers, and realise the vision you have for yourself.”

As a @AmityDUBAI B.Tech. Aerospace Engineering alumni (Batch: 2014-18), I was proud to give the vote of thanks speech during the 2019 Convocation On behalf of all the graduating students of Amity University Dubai, and handed over the amity alumni association flag to current graduate Mr. Bilal Shabandri.

Interview with Mr. Daniel Sors Raurell - Head of Customer Success (Open Cosmos - Aerospace Company in England)

Mr. Daniel is going to share his opinion on various questions related to Space Sector such as:


1) Why the world is moving towards space and the rapid growth of space sector throughout the world ? - (Miniaturized CubeSats, Commercialization in Space Sector, etc.)

2) How the huge amount of Data produced by space sector is going to change the world ? (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Robotics, etc.)

3) What do you think about UAE as a key player in space sector - as compared to other space fairing nations such as USA, Europe, India, etc. ?

4) How to tackle the issue of Skill Polarization in the Space Sector - Due to the huge amount of technological advancements happening every single day? (Learning by Doing,  Getting Hands-on Industrial Experience, Life-Long Learning, etc.)

5) Comparison Between Degree & Skills Sets - Which one do you choose ?

6) What is that one Untold Voice you always wanted to share with the society as a whole for the benefit of future generations ?

Interview with Khaleej Times - Dubai News

Sharjah resident wins three international recognitions for space research

Interview with TV5 - USA News

Exclusive interview with Mr. Sahith Reddy Madara | UAE's Space Research Engineer

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